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lawn mower cutting grass

Our standard maintenance service includes mowing, edging, spot trimming, leaf blowing, watering advice, and free periodic lawn evaluations. Additional maintenance includes trimming hedges, pulling weeds, laying mulch, planting flowers, and so on.


healthy green grass

Invigorate your lawn to get the greenest, fullest grass with fertilization, seeding, weed control, and thatch control. After your first service, we will do your first lawn evaluation and determine which products and services would be most beneficial for your lawn.


lawn in need of weed killer

When weeds take over and your grass is thinning faster than your hair, it is time for a restart. We will kill all of your weeds and grass, fertilize and aerate your soil, and plant new grass. You lawn may or may not need additional services during renovation. Your lawn will look better than ever.


power washing bricks

We can power wash your driveways, walkways, vinyl siding, patio deck, brick, fences, gutters, and even your neighbor's dog when it will not stop barking. If you are a customer who receives standard maintenance service, you save 10% on any power washing service.

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